5 ways to turn the sport fan in your workplace into a sustainability champion

BT has launched its 100% Sport campaign with sailor Ben Ainslie

BT’s 100% Sport is a global campaign to inspire sports fans to adopt renewable energies. Here’s five ways to turn the sport fan in your workplace into a sustainability champion.

What would a carbon tax mean for business and consumer?

A carbon tax will add a small cost onto potatoes

For business, the carbon tax winners will be those whose products get more use from less carbon and who act early on supply chains.

Sharing economy: five ways people are building a sustainable economy

The Food Assembly gives farmers a much better return than supermarkets for their local produce

A new economy is coming into play. No longer wielded as a weapon to legitimise austerity, this is an economy where the community and the environment, not the corporate shareholder, benefits.

Three steps to demonstrate you’re a sustainable supplier

Being a sustainable supplier is increasingly important in winning and retaining customers

Demonstrating sustainability in your business operations and your supply chain creates competitive advantage, increased revenue, a strengthened brand and reduces risk. Being a sustainable supplier is increasingly important in winning and retaining customers.

Onshore wind energy and the rise of irrational economics

Onshore wind: Rudd has made cutting subsidies a priority (Pic courtesy of Abundance Generation)

The people have spoken. It is not cheaper, more secure energy that people want, it is more expensive, higher risk energy with a dash for fracking.

Is Amber Rudd facing a £1.5 bn renewables budget overspend “headache”?

The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), claims Amber Rudd faces a potential renewables budget overspend of £1.5 billion a year – possibly even more – because of her predecessor Ed Davey’s largesse towards the green energy industry. But is this a fair assessment?

Green canvas: can the arts survive without oil money?

London-based artist ATM's paintings highlight rare and endangered British birds

The reality is that much of our public art is funded by corporations who are out of step with putting our planet on a more sustainable footing. But, Human Nature is a new UK initiative that is trying to break the link between oil and art.

Building sustainability: three ways to drive value in property through collaboration


Collaboration between the occupier and the landlord is key to ensuring efficiently-designed buildings are sustainable, but it can be a difficult point to reach. Here are three three ways to help create a culture of collaboration to deliver increased value in every property.

How to write an energy policy for your business


If you’re struggling to think of things that could be addressed in your business energy policy, here are a number of points to keep in mind.

Can crowdfunding make Europe’s financial system more sustainable?

The European Commission has published a capital markets union green paper

Crowdfunding provides a cost effective means of access to finance for SMEs as well as providing small investors with a more level and importantly more transparent playing field upon which to invest. So could it help drive a functioning capital markets union in Europe?