Why every small business should have an energy policy

Having an energy policy will save you money and carbon

it’s not just large businesses, with money to invest into sustainable practices, that can write and implement their own energy policies – small businesses can too. Read our four benefits of having a business energy policy.

Three reasons why you can’t afford to ignore sustainability in 2015

Secretary-General Joins People’s Climate March, New York (pic courtesy of UN)

It’s not been an easy ride these past few years for those that have been prepared to take a leadership position on sustainability. But 2015 is shaping up to be the year of sustainability. Here are three reasons why it’s now time to take action on sustainability.

Are biomass boilers a waste of money – and energy?

Biomass boilers have been found to be 20 per cent less efficient than thought

A Government report appears to pour cold water on the ‘green’ credentials of biomass boilers and a multi-million pound subsidy scheme to incentivise businesses and households to switch to them. So are biomass boilers a waste of money – and energy?

Top 10 green business blogs of 2014

Sustainability is essential to a business' future success

Business sustainability, biomass heating systems, fracking, water sustainability, prosumers, community energy and ethical finance were some of the themes that proved to be our most popular GreenWise blogs of 2014.

Green investments: will we see a revolution for small investors in 2015?


Behind the headlines and the politics of this month’s Budget Statement were a number of ‘good news’ stories in the small print for ethical and sustainable investment. So could 2015 be the year when we see a revolution for green investments?

Communicating green: five steps to make the most of your sustainability programme

Paul Appleby, chair Bristol Media, speaking at Vision 2014

Great communication is as relevant for SMEs as big brands and talking about your sustainability objectives and achievements helps win business.

Business sustainability: five takeaways from the ‘Growth for All’ CBI conference

Adnams exec director Karen Hester started off as office cleaner

Income inequality has soared over the past three decades in the UK, while we have the worst record on social mobility of any OECD country. So what can business do about it? Here are my five takeways from the CBI’s Growth for All annual conference.

Green grants: help for bioenergy SMEs in the West Midlands


If you are a small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the West Midlands region working in the bionenergy sector new support is available in the form of grant funding for research activities from European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI).

Money is social: why mainstream finance has got it wrong about ‘us’


This week, Good Money Week, is asking us to consider not just what it means to be good with money, but what it means to do good with money.

‘SME Instrument': an opportunity for SMEs seeking grant funding under Horizon 2020

Accelerating innovation: Horizon 2020's SME Instrument

The new SME Instrument is a funding stream from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. It is the only EC instrument which is exclusively accessible to SMEs.