Money is social: why mainstream finance has got it wrong about ‘us’


This week, Good Money Week, is asking us to consider not just what it means to be good with money, but what it means to do good with money.

‘SME Instrument’: an opportunity for SMEs seeking grant funding under Horizon 2020

Accelerating innovation: Horizon 2020's SME Instrument

The new SME Instrument is a funding stream from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. It is the only EC instrument which is exclusively accessible to SMEs.

Does installing solar make good business sense – even without the FiT?

When will solar PV reach grid parity in the UK?

The Government says domestic solar has not reached grid parity yet because it still requires substantial subsidies, but does the decision to install solar make sound economic sense for businesses – even discounting the Feed-in Tariff?

Sustainability leadership: four compelling reasons why ceos need to take action

business sustainability, employee engagement, human resources, green skills, green skills training, staff engagement

Visible commitment to sustainability from a ceo is the single biggest factor in delivering a successful sustainability strategy. Here are four compelling reasons why.

Scottish referendum: could more referendums gives us the ‘greenest Government ever’?


The financial crisis saw a run on the banks, and the Scottish referendum could cause a ‘run’ on the UK Parliament. So should we be looking at referendums as the best way to ensure we really can get the ‘greenest government ever’?

Water sustainability: five takeaways from World Water Week

Water stress is already becoming a challenge for many businesses in their operations and supply chains. Last week, World Water Week, the annual forum for sharing insights and case studies on water sustainability, was held in Stockholm. Here are my five takeaways for business.

Renewable energy and PPAs: why indie generators deserve a better deal


it’s difficult for small renewable generators to ensure that they get the best price for their Power Purchase Agreement, with some missing out on the opportunity of getting a 60 per cent better price for their export power. But what can be done to change this?

B2B content marketing: how to plan a simple strategy for your green business


CIM’s The Marketer Magazine is running a webinar entitled ‘B2B content marketing: how to set a strategy for an SME then run a simple, cost-effective programme’. It is free and highly relevant to any SME looking to use content marketing to grow its business.

The business risks in ignoring the ‘Triple Bottom Line’

M&S Plan A

Looking at corporate responsibility in terms of the risk posed by not doing anything can be extremely beneficial. But how? We look at how to turn risk tobenefit across five areas: stakeholders, consumer demands, company reputation, shareholder expectations and transparency.

Myth: investors are more likely to be cynical than ethical

financing businesses to go green

The idea that people are naturally cynical investors, blocking out ethical concerns in the search for profit, is a myth. It is also a myth that investors want their financial institutions to act in the same cynical narrow way.