Inspiring, green and innovative: why I came away impressed by RegenSW’s Renewable Energy Marketplace

What do an electric four-wheel vehicle you can peddle, unobtrusive secondary glazing and a bit of brass piping that makes it less expensive to run a combi boiler have in common? They all originate from the southwest and they were all being showcased at RegenSW’s Renewable Energy Marketplace (REM) this week. Attending the show at Exeter’s Westpoint not only made a refreshing change to London for me (my last show was Ecobuild at the Excel),... Read More

Why the Green Deal Golden Rule is not the only rule for home retrofit

The Green Deal scheme is a no-brainer I’m a huge fan of the Green Deal scheme, in particular its potential as a catalyst to update the energy efficiency of the UK’s aged housing stock. That’s a no brainer to me, and the scheme, if managed and policed correctly, will potentially have more of an impact than any other action of its kind to push us to hit our 2050 UK carbon emissions reductions targets. However, the scheme has its limitations which... Read More

How to break down Green Deal sales resistance with better content marketing

It shouldn’t be difficult to convince people to pay for home improvements from energy savings, especially when there is no upfront cost. And yet, as we discussed last week, there are many obstacles to overcome. The customer’s big Green Deal fear factor The Green Deal customer’s big fear factor comes from the fact that much of the help is in the form an interest-charging loan – or debt to be more precise (the repayments are made via your energy... Read More

A Green Deal good for business?

Did you know that you can now implement energy efficiency improvements in your business without having to pay the full cost of these measures up-front under the long awaited Green Deal? Almost all of the advertising around the Green Deal – which started last month – has been focused on domestic properties, but businesses can also benefit. The scheme principles are the same in both cases. Essentially, an approved assessor ascertains the most cost... Read More

How to plan for more effective Green Deal marketing

Marketing advice for green deal installers and providers. The good and the bad news In January a YouGov poll commissioned by uSwitch of more than 5000 energy customers found that 19 per cent of respondents were aware of the Green Deal, and 81 per cent had not even heard of the scheme. The same survey, however, showed that 67 per cent of the respondents were interested in a scheme that helps them reduce their energy bills. Furthermore, on the day... Read More

Let’s give the Green Deal a chance

At last, the Green Deal is open for business. I struggle to think of any proposal that’s been so talked about (and so derided) before it even started. So it’s not surprising that its launch has been met with a tide of negativity too: it’s not ambitious enough say some. Others focus on the interest rates – which are too high. No one knows about it (in fact research shows that one in five people have heard about it –... Read More

SMEs and the Green Deal: the ingredients for successful collaboration

With just a matter of days now until the launch of the Green Deal finance plans, more and more smaller contractors (SMEs) will be looking at how to win business opportunities from this national insulation programme. Indeed, there is a strong case for SME involvement in the Green Deal, for which I have presented the arguments in previous blogs. I’ve also addressed the barriers to that involvement.   But what are the ingredients to successful... Read More

How can SMEs unlock the UK’s £500bn retrofit market?

With less than two months to go before the launch of the Government’s Green Deal, it won’t be long before real opportunities begin to open up for businesses looking to unlock the huge potential of the UK’s domestic retrofit market.  But if you are a small to medium-sized business, the chances are you are still trying to figure out how you can win a share of this emerging market. We’re already blogging regularly about SMEs and how they... Read More

How can we ensure SMEs don’t miss out on Green Deal opportunities?

The Green Deal presents many opportunities to make our buildings more energy efficient, to create jobs and drive growth in the economy. But many barriers still remain to its successful delivery. A number of these surround the role of the SME, which I am exploring in a series of blogs. Let’s be clear from the start, the Green Deal is a market framework within which any company can exist should it choose to. The question I am addressing here is would... Read More

The latest evolution of sustainability: value

A high level timeline of the history of sustainability is emerging, which we have confirmed in discussions with many of our peers. It goes like this: • Environment: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962, kicked off the environmental movement with a strong focus on the role of man in harming the natural environment and the impacts on humans via the ecosystem. • Ozone layer: A 1976 report by the United States National Academy of Sciences,... Read More

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